‘Rainbow of Feelings’ Art Carnival….a big thank you to Albie 1

      For the second year running the children at Children’s shade along with our NSH Students took part in an art programme for children. This year’s event ‘Rainbow of Feelings’ Art Carnival, two days full of fun and creative activities, was co-organised by Nepal Childrens’ Art Museum and founder of ‘Colour Them Safe’, […]

A very special donation and food delivery…

The food, general supplies, and fresh meat purchases for this month (consisting of a large delivery at the beginning of July and weekly fresh food purchases), have a very special meaning for us… And that is because they were bought with funds raised by the family and friends of the late Mr. Henry Newbury at […]



During and after the earthquake

Apologies to those of you who are not on Facebook as that is where we have been posting regular and current updates. All the children from Children’s Shade are fine and well.  No one suffered any injuries from the earthquake that took place on Saturday 25th April. At the time of the earthquake Shyam and […]

Setting Up the Namaste Students’ House

Hi everyone, I apologise that you hadn’t heard from us throughout the whole of January… It’s because we have been extremely busy and working hard! Thanks to the success of our christmas campaign last year we are well under way with setting up the Namaste Students’ House and two students have recently moved in. I have […]


We are up to page 15 of the newsletter…Today is the first of a series of pages about education. Check back for the next few days to learn about what the children are doing now, and what our plans are for the future.  

Thanks Again Mossbourne Community Academy!

The students at Mossbourne Community Academy chose our charity again this year after raising lots of money by doing a sponsored walk. They donated a staggering £1000! The kids in KTM made some thank you posters.  Here they are:  

It’s Day 7 of Our Newsletter – “NCHN Charitable Activities Explained”

Our 2014 newsletter aims to give a complete and detailed explanation of who we are, what we do now and our plans for the future. Today, the 7th December, we published our 7th page which starts a small section explaining how our donors money is being spent. Follow this link to go directly to: “NCHN Charitable Activities […]

Fighting Against Exploitation

Today a very good article has been written in ‘The Guardian’ which talks about the orphan business in Nepal – the process of setting up an orphanage or children’s home with the express purpose of running it to make money from tourists and foreigners. This disgraceful practice is something that many of us who have […]

Food Snap May 2014

What’s Going On

Sarah has just come back from Nepal, where she’s been doing some work with Shyam and the children at Children’s Shade. Everything went great and we’ll have some new photos to post as soon as she’s sorted through them – until then, here’s a snap from this months transfer of food. For those of you […]