Merry Christmas Wallpapers
We have just released the 2016 Christmas Campaign and this time our target amount is more ambitious than ever before!   We want to raise £10,000 by the end of January…and it’s possible with your help!   Click here to donate now!   All the details of our ‘wish list’ and […]

2016 Christmas Campaign £10,000 in donations needed!

We’re launching a new campaign today! We have set our goal high, and we are hoping to raise as much as we can over the next week or so. The academic year has already started for school children and is soon to start for this year’s ‘School Leavers’ who are currently […]

15.07.16 Quick Campaign – Target Amount: £5,663

Me and Shyam
The Namaste Students’ House (NSH) is now looking very cosy! The students are happy and working hard, and Shyam is slowly but surely recovering from recent illness. I am so happy to see everyone and our NSH home nearly two years on from my last visit.

NSH Update

I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful family this year.  They sadly lost their house during the 2015 earthquakes and NSFN provided scholarships and grants for the four girls to go to school last year. It costs us: £10 – £15 per month for school scholarships, £30 – £40 per […]

Meeting the Families

We’ve changed our name from ‘Namaste – Children’s Homes Nepal’ to ‘Namaste – Support for Nepal’. The reason we’ve decided we need to change our name is that over the years our goals and our mission have evolved. We are aiming to focus more on education and support for families […]

December 2015: Name and Purpose Change

2015.08.28 Thanks MCA 2
  Mossbourne Community Academy has been our biggest supporter for three years now and we are thrilled that the students of MCA have chosen to support our charity yet again with money raised at a fundraising event; a sponsored walk, that raised an impressive £800 for Namaste. We are delighted […]

Thank You Mossbourne Community Academy for yet another huge donation ...

NCAM_carnival_photos(4x6)_NamasteNepal_web63 1
      For the second year running the children at Children’s shade along with our NSH Students took part in an art programme for children. This year’s event ‘Rainbow of Feelings’ Art Carnival, two days full of fun and creative activities, was co-organised by Nepal Childrens’ Art Museum and […]

‘Rainbow of Feelings’ Art Carnival….a big thank you to Albie

The food, general supplies, and fresh meat purchases for this month (consisting of a large delivery at the beginning of July and weekly fresh food purchases), have a very special meaning for us… And that is because they were bought with funds raised by the family and friends of the […]

A very special donation and food delivery…

Apologies to those of you who are not on Facebook as that is where we have been posting regular and current updates. All the children from Children’s Shade are fine and well.  No one suffered any injuries from the earthquake that took place on Saturday 25th April. At the time […]

During and after the earthquake

Hi everyone, I apologise that you hadn’t heard from us throughout the whole of January… It’s because we have been extremely busy and working hard! Thanks to the success of our christmas campaign last year we are well under way with setting up the Namaste Students’ House and two students have […]

Setting Up the Namaste Students’ House